Building with Recycled Bricks

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The Tallahassee area is going green with a new an improved way to build one local restaurant.

A new brick product has been developed an is being used on the construction of the second Another Broken Egg Cafe.

These green paver bricks are made from fly ash that remains after coal is used to generate electricity.

They are low energy and low-CO2 bricks that function like conventional bricks but are a part of the new age, sustainable green building practices.

The company CalStar Product, Inc manufactures the bricks.

CEO Tom Pounds say, "We've designed these bricks to perform exactly like traditional clay bricks. They really lay out and perform and handle just like traditional products. Same weight same look and feel, all the same handling characteristics you'd expect out of a traditional clay brick."

The green bricks are made available in eight different colors.

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