FAMU Could Soon be a Tobacco-Free Zone

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Blue skies and fresh air makes for an ideal day on campus. And many students want to make sure that air isn't filled with gray puffs of smoke.

"Smoking cigarettes and everything it causes cancer and so many other issues and when you do it in public it has the chance to affect the people around you," said Marcus Williams, FAMU student.

Students on FAMU's health council recently introduced the idea of having a tobacco free school. the University of Florida went tobacco free in June. Cigarettes, snuff and chewing tobacco are no longer allowed on school grounds.

"It shouldn't be allowed on campus because that's something you can do at the house and this is a learning environment so I don't think it should be allowed," said John McMillon, FAMU Student.

While some may say the potential rules might be a drag for smoking students others say everyone's health should be considered.

"I'm sure there are students on campus who have asthma and breathing problems as well so it will be beneficial for all of us," added Shanize Byrd, FAMU student.

"People should think about others because second hand smoke is just as deadly as smoking itself," said Aicha Toure, FAMU student.

And while the tobacco free concept is still in the idea stages many Rattlers want to see the move go through quickly so campus doesn't smell like an ash-tray.

"Disgusting. then you walk around smelling like smoke all day. You don't want to smell like that. People will think you smoke," added Toure.

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