Run or Walk for Asthma Awareness

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Tallahassee, FL - Twelve year old, Kalana Strong describes the symptoms of having an asthma attack and says ""It feels like you have a tightness in your chest and you can't breathe and you are wheezing a lot." She is one of millions of kids in the united states diagnosed with the chronic lung disease.

Kalana's Mom, Leah Strong says hearing her daughter "being sick and wheezing and she couldn't really rest, you know it really was disturbing to always see your child ill." Asthma is the leading serious chronic disease among children, however, it doesn't only affect kids, it's estimated that over 18 million adults in the United States have asthma too. According to Allergy and Asthma Specialist, Dr. Brian Wilson, "if you have one parent with Asthma, your chances of getting asthma is about 30 percent, if you have both parents with asthma, it's about 70 percent, so you are at a higher risk but it's not a gaurantee that you'll have it."

There's no cure for asthma but it can be managed by medicine and avoiding things that can trigger symptoms. Wilson says "first of all you want to identify anything you are doing that might be making your asthma worse. Certainly if you smoke, that's the first thing that's got to go because that's going to really irritate you. Other environmental factors that maybe are bothering you if you do have allergies and you are allergic to dust mites, cats, dogs, pollens there's things you can do to try to minimize your exposure to those irritants."

If you would like to get involved in making a difference to fight lung disease in our area, the upcoming "2013 Fight For Air" Run-Walk is right around the corner on May 25th in Southwood.

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