Agent Orange Town Hall Meeting

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By: Bailey Myers
September 17, 2013

"Ill be damned maybe they are still going to kill me."
It was Vietnam Veteran Joe West's first thought when he was diagnosed with rectal cancer at the age of 33. Then he says he realized his health problem came from Agent Orange.

Agent Orange was used during the Vietnam War as a way to kill thick vegetation in the rainforest there, but it has also caused many health problems for veterans.

Tonight Augustus Raa Middle School in Tallahassee is where the Vietnam Veterans of America are hosting a town hall meeting. The meeting is slated to start right at 6:30. It was designed for those concerned with Agent Orange and its possible health effects.
Earlier today I spoke with one vet who has health problems because of Agent Orange and now he is concerned those problems will carry on through his children and grand children.

Tonight the meeting targets those individuals who are concerned, in hopes of providing them with more information on how to get help. According to the US Department of Veterns Affairs, Agent Orange was sprayed on Vietnam from 1962-1971. Veterans who served during that time now face health problems like ischemic heart disease, parkinsons disease, prostate cancer and the list goes on.
Now Vietnam Veterans of America want more research to be done on the effects of the chemical.

US Department of Veterans Affairs: "Agent Orange has been a problem that has affected the health of our veterans but in addition to the health of our veterans it is effecting the health of their children and grandchildren so what we are trying to do is let our veterans know that agent Orange has a continuing effect."

This meeting is also part of a research campaign. The Vietnam Veterans of America group is hoping to gather information from those attending about their health problems.

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