Arson Demonstration Hilights Awareness Week

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Nearly 28,000 intentionally set vehicle fires happened in the U.S. over a recent three year period.

To call attention to this problem, firefighters set an old BMW on fire at the Tallahassee Fire Department.

The demonstration was part of Arson Awareness Week.

Each year, vehicle arson results in an estimated $169-million in property loss.

Investigators also say unlike the demonstration, most of those fires are set at night.

"A lot of times, they're upside down on their payments, something mechanically they can't afford it or they're just looking to get rid of it," said Captain Thomas Bosco of the State Fire Marshal's Office.

Investigators say most arson car fires involve insurance fraud claims.

Other motives include covering up evidence of a crime or a fire targeting the car's owner.

Firefighters say getting to the scene quickly is key to not only keeping people safe, but also gathering arson evidence.


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