Ashton "The Prankster" Kutcher Gets pranked

FILE - In this Jan. 20, 2011 file photo, actor Ashton Kutcher attends a special screening of "No Strings Attached" in New York. Kutcher is giving his Twitter followers a clue that he may be joining "Two and a Half Men" � or he's punking them. A tweet Wednesday came amid reports that he's nearing a deal to replace the fired Charlie Sheen on TV's top-rated comedy. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini, File)
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The man who famously punk'd celebrities, got punk'd himself Wednesday.
Police were called to the home of actor Ashton Kutcher Wednesday morning, after a woman said three armed men stormed the Los Angeles home.
When officers showed up, they found three men, but determined there was no home invasion, and that it was all a prank.
Kutcher was not home at the time.
He later tweeted a picture of himself saying he was safe and sound on the set of his show "Two and a Half Men."
Police are still looking for the woman who made the phony call.

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