Lion And Weiner Dog Are Best Friends [GALLERY]

Photo: CBS News
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CBS News

Oklahoma- Who would have thought...The King of the Jungle and a tiny weiner dog at an Oklahoma Zoo... But they're a match!

John Rinkey, Park Manager: The wienie dog actually thinks he's a lion and the lion thinks he's a wienie dog.

Bone digger was raised inside Park Manager John Rinkey's home, where Milo and Maggie also lived. They became fast friends.

John Rinkey, Park Manager: "They just got to laying together, playing together and sleeping together and eating together."

So when Bone digger grew bigger, and moved outside into a cage,
Milo, Maggie and a few of their friends moved in too.

John Rinkey, Park Manager: "You'll see him runing around the house and weenie dogs will be chasing him. So he actually runs from the weenie dogs. The next moment you might see him chasing them so they do awesome together."

Bone digger and his family here have been living together for about 4 years, and are now attracting international attention.

The video of Milo cleaning Bone digger's teeth has made most major networks. And next week a crew from Canada is coming down to cover the unlikely friends.

It's superstardom that the King of the Jungle seems ready for.... Now that he has his posse.

John Rinkey, Park Manager: "He does not want anyone harming his weenie dogs. He's very protective of them."

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