Back-To-School Party In Providence

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

August 24, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--One local neighborhood celebrated back-to-school in a big way. Providence neighborhood in Tallahassee had fun activities for kids.The event was made possible by the Providence Homeowners association.

The association has been sponsoring the event since 2003.
The local Baptist church even distributed food to those in need.
City commissioners even joined in and engaged with the public.

"Its really our attempt to show citizens that you can interact with government not just at a city commission meeting but in neighborhoods in the streets," said Andrew Gillum, a Tallahassee City Commissioner

" Anytime those of us in the commission can get out and talk directly to people is always a good thing, so I love it I get to hear their concerns and maybe solve a few problems," said Gil Ziffer, a Tallahassee City Commissioner.

Residents in the area had the chance to share suggestions to our local government.

City commissioners were present at the event.