Board of Governors Announces New Trustee For FAMU

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Meet Kimberly Moore. She's soon to be the newest addition to the Florida A & M Board of Trustees.

"I'm always excited to expand my efforts to give back," Moore said.

She's currently the vice president of Workforce Development at Tallahassee Community College.

"I've worked across the board, serving as the executive director, CEO for Workforce Plus. Not only did you serve students, you served displaced workers, professionals, the business community," she said.

Moore received her Associates degree from TCC and undergraduate degree from Florida State.

Now she can say she's connected to all three of Tallahassee's big schools.

"I can tell you my interest was in giving back to this community."

With Moore's appointment to the Board of Governors, she joins 12 other members, but first must be confirmed by the Florida Senate and attend an orientation.

She will enter the university amid some on-going turmoil: a pending lawsuit, sorority suspensions and some financial woes.

But, the school has seen progress. She looks forward to getting started in her new position.

"I certainly appreciate the trust that's been placed in me by the Florida Board of Governors and my commitment is to do a good job," Moore said.

If confirmed by the Florida Senate, her first board meeting will be the next one, which is in August.

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