Boycotts On Florida Tourism? Juice?: Locals Sound Off

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By Andy Alcock
July 18, 2013

Some entertainers and activists have suggested various boycotts of Florida in the wake of the Zimmerman trial. They want to put money pressure on the state to change the "Stand Your Ground law".

It's a relaxing day off from work at Tallahassee's Lake Ella for Tallahassee resident, Garland Wingo.

It's only a short distance, but a sharp contrast to demonstrators at the Florida's Capitol demanding changes to the state's stand your ground law following the George Zimmerman trial.
They're not alone.

Entertainer Stevie Wonder has vowed not to return to the Sunshine State until the law is changed. Other activists have suggested a tourism boycott and even boycotting orange juice.

Garland Wingo, Tallahassee resident: "Absolutely no such thing, come on to Florida, enjoy yourself and drink all the orange juice you want."

Mark Weeks, visitor to Lake Ella: "I just think that people, even celebrities, have to respect the judicial system and the outcome that the jurors gave."
The Florida Chamber of Commerce declined comment on the boycott threats.

Joann Jackson, visitor to Lake Ella: "Should we punish the whole state for what's happened? No, I do not think so. Everyone has their own opinion and I do not agree with that."

Chelsea Daume, visitor to Lake Ella: "I absolutely do not think that one trial should keep people from coming here. Or drinking orange juice? Or drinking orange juice."

"I feel that some changes need to be made. But at the same time you know, the law is the law."

While the people who spoke to us were generally agreed about opposing Florida boycotts, there is some difference of opinion about the controversial stand your ground law and how effective boycotts might be.

"You might influence some people to change the stand your ground law."

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and the Florida Department of Citrus were unavailable for comment on the orange juice boycott threat.


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