Boys and Girls Clubs Facing Major Cuts

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Tallahassee, Fl -- Stephanie Wilson's has been taking her duaghter, Summer, to the Big Bend Boys and Girls Club on Laura Lee Avenue since the start of the school year.

"She has fallen in love with it and she's sad that she may not be able to attend after October the 31st," said Wilson.

The club informed Wilson and dozens of other parents that on November 1st the club has to cut two bus routes that transport about 80 children from school to the club. That's nearly half of the 195 five to 18 year olds the agency serves.

"I would have to go to work earlier and get off early enough to go out there and pick her up and bring her back over here because I definitely still want her to be a part of this program," said Wilson.

Tradarious Cox was a student at the Boys and Girls Club before becoming a staff member. He's one of nine people, including two bus drivers, that the money starved agency had to let go. He says the club changed his life, so the transition will be difficult.

"Yea it will, very tough, but I'll come back and visit," said Cox.

If parents can find alternate transportation for their children they can still attend the after school programs.

"I'm hoping that somebody in the community or an individual in the community, I'll name a club after you and do whatever you want! I hope someone will step up and help us so we don't have to make these cuts," said Theresa Flury, the club's president and C.E.O.

The eliminated bus routes affecting Governor's Charter School, Apalachee Magnet School, Astoria Park Elementary, and Cobb Middle School take effect November 1st.

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