Bradfordville Land Dispute

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By: Matt Galka

A roundabout is fueling plenty of controversy in Tallahassee.

Neighbors in Killearn Lakes Plantation in Tallahassee had a heated Homeowners Association meeting earlier this week.

They're not happy about what a developer wants to do with 75,000 or so square feet of land, but the neighbors hands could be tied.

The divided road of Kinhega Drive in Tallahassee can get drivers in and out of Killearn Lakes Plantation to Thomasville road, but that could dramatically change soon if Summit Development group goes forward with their proposed plans.

Trina Searcy is president of the Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association

"What we're seeing right now is there's going to be really three or four keypoint issues, one of them will be a roundabout that would take place on our main drag," Trina Searcy, Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association President, said.

Instead of having Beech Ridge Trail end when it hits Kinhega the developers would create a roundabout and extend the road.

This project would require the developer to clear out this section of trees currently across from Beech Ridge Trail. The road would then be extended to right about there, connecting it to Bannerman.

Some neighbors aren't thrilled about Chiles High School students using the roundabout to get to Bannerman Road and causing more traffic.

Proposed commercial apartments are also rubbing neighbors the wrong way, but there's really not much they can do to stop the project.

"In all fairness, the developer has rights, and so it'll happen with or without the association, but we're anxious to try and make it something everyone can be proud of," Bryan Desloge, Leon County Commissioner District, said.

Commissioner Bryan Desloge has stressed that the developer wants to work with the neighborhood and is open to putting in a park or green space or buffer zone. The Homeowners Association said that they are having another meeting to discuss matters further in August.


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