Brothers Attacked At Tallahassee Park

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It was Sunday afternoon.

Tamillia Lowery says her 13 year old son was playing basketball on one of the outdoor courts at Jack McLean Park.

Her 11 year old son was on the playground.

She says she was at her home across the street from the park.

"My 11 year old came busting through the door upset, screaming, we got jumped, we got jumped, they attacked us," said Lowery.

She says when she went to get her 13 year old son, he was crying, limping and bleeding.

It was later determined he had a concussion, sprained shoulder and knee, a split lip and bruising.

Her sons told her they were both jumped by several boys for no reason, including one who had a screwdriver.

Lowery called Tallahassee Police.

"And the officer began to tell me we live in the ghetto and that somebody got shot here and the best thing for me is to get my kids and move," she said.

Chadrick Anderson was shot and killed close to the park in November.

Calvin Riley has been arrested for his murder.

But Lowery says the officer also told her the area is a hot bed of gang activity and her sons were likely victims of a gang.

"I would refer you to TPD as it relates to any gang activity. I can just tell you we are in constant contact with TPD," said Tallahassee Recreation Superintendent Kelly Ledbetter.

Ledbetter says park staff monitor safety concerns, but the rec center is closed Sundays.

So he says kids should come to the park with parents if possible when the rec center is closed.

"I shouldn't be blamed because my kids got attacked," said Lowery.

A TPD spokesman says no arrest has been made yet in the case.

He says there is gang activity in the city and TPD has a gang squad to handle it.

He also says the department is looking into Lowery's complaint about the officer calling her neighborhood a ghetto.


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