When Local Air Base Suffers... Business Suffers

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By: Eames Yates
May 22, 2013

Budget cuts in the military will be affecting Moody Air Force Base.

After weeks of debate the Defense Department has announced plans to furlough roughly 700,000 civilian employees in the military, 500 of which work at Moody Air Force Base. With less money in their pockets local businesses could also feel the hurt.

Jesus Sebastian, La Jalisco Supermarket: "They come here a lot and like every business, every small business around here we all profit or get something back from Moody."

Tony Mallory, Mallory's Farm owner: "With about eighty percent of our business being from Moody it would actually close us down. Because if they don't have the money to spend then, you know, we're going to be one of the first things to be cut off."

Moody released a statement to WCTV saying:
"Generally employees will be furloughed one day a week for up to eleven days beginning on July 8th 2013. Supervisors are working contingency plans to handle operations during the furlough period."

But for some local businesses near Moody the impending furloughs don't represent the beginning...The tough times are already here.

Freddy Mikell, Bemiss Hardware owner: "They are still coming in buying, The foot traffic hasn't changed but what they are buying has changed. It's a lot less, they're spending less. They have a lot less to spend."

Moody has a nearly 450 million dollar annual economic impact on Lowndes County. Time will tell if that number shrinks.


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