Cameras Installed On South Ga. School Buses To Catch Lawbreakers

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By: Kara Duffy
April 29, 2013

Thomas County, GA- Each day hundreds of children in Thomas County ride the bus to and from school, but law enforcement officials say some drivers are putting their safety at risk by not following a simple rule; red means stop.

"There is no personal emergency more important than stopping for a stopped school bus," said Captain Steve Jones with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

The Thomas County Board of Education and Sheriff's Office have partnered up to install video cameras on the side of their schools' buses to catch drivers who break the law.

They say within just a few days of the new cameras being installed, they've already captured multiple drivers speeding by the blinking reds.

"This system records the entire event from when that stop arm comes out, to the motorist approaching it and if one does pass, there are three different camera angles snap it as well," said Jones.

Officials say the new camera system is of no cost to the county. Instead, the service is paid for through the $300 fines generated by lawbreakers.

"Increasing safety around our school buses is our number one goal," said Dr. Dusty Kornegay, the schools superintendent. "We're not interested in trying to fine a lot of people; we just want to deter people from offending and make sure folks pay attention to our school buses."

Jones added, "I don't care if one ticket is written, as long as it protects the life of a child getting off that school bus and crossing that highway."

Right now only two buses have cameras installed, but school officials say more will be added before the start of the next school year.


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