Car Crash Victims Looking For Man Who Helped Them

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On January 4th, Chadrick Richardson, 15, Dontay Green, 7, turned into men.

The cousins were riding in the car with their grandfather south on U.S. 27 in Taylor County. The Florida Highway Patrol says around 5:40p.m., their grandfather caught cramps and crashed into the woods.

"Next thing you know we came across here and you can see the marks down there and we just went over to the bushes right up here where we hit a tree and immediately stopped right there," Richardson said.

"I was just worried about my grand daddy, I wasn't even worried about myself," he added.

"I was a little nervous," 7-year-old Green said.

After the accident, Chadrick stayed in the car to help out his grandfather and directed Dontay to go to the highway and wave down traffic.

"He gave me a flashlight and I flagged them down," Green said.

"So they could notice him while I try to wake my grand daddy up and get glass out his face," Richardson said.

One man pulled over and Dontay helped him get in contact with his mother. The stranger told her the two young ones are okay, but the older guy needs attention.

More Good Samaritans stopped - one of them giving Dontay a memento so he can always remember his brave actions that night.

"He said here, here goes something where it says fear not," Green said.

And fear not he did.

"He handled it like I would've or probably better than I would've," Richardson said.

The family has kept in touch with one of the Good Samaritans and is looking for the first man who arrived on the scene to thank him. They believe he's a Taylor County resident.

The grandfather was in bad shape after the accident, but almost two months later is doing much better and still improving through rehab.

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