Cat Reunites with Family... Seven Years Later!

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By: Gina Pitisci
April 10, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - After years of thinking her cat had died, two local women are reunited with their beloved pet, all thanks to a good Samaritan, modern technology and a local veterinarian.

"Seven Years, he was gone for seven years," Terry Galloway, Borris's Owner, said.

And then an unexpected phone call brought some very good news to Terry Galloway and Donna Nudd about their cat Borris who they thought had died.

"He said people just brought him in and they identified him by the microchip as yours and I said what? and he said he's here and I said I'll be right there," Galloway said.

Two years ago that missing cat made it's way to Nancy Yates house off of highway 20. She took him into her family as one of her own, however, last winter the cat she named "Devlin" became ill.

"He just got so bad. that he was suffering and just couldn't stand it anymore so I took him to the vet and it was going to be really expensive like I thought, I knew I was going to have to have him put down and the doctor said well, let's check him for a chip," Nancy Yates, Rescued Cat, said.

That microchip not only was the link to reuniting the cat with his first owner but also saved his life.

"Pretty much every animal hospital and every shelter has a microchip scanner and we make it a routine with every patient coming through our doors, they get scanned," Kevin Brumfield, D.V.M. Southwood Animal Hospital, said.

It's still a mystery where Borris spent the other 5 years before making his way to Nancy's house but everyone involved is just happy he has a safe place to call home and thankful that he had a microchip which has made that possible.

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