Chamber Sets Record, Touts Successes

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The place was along the Atlantic shore Amelia Island.

The major topic was business.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson told the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce there's an effort to remove loopholes from the U.S. tax code to generate more revenue.

"We can use part of it to lower rates and part of it to lower the deficit," said Nelson.

The Chamber also celebrated business victories in the past year.

One of them includes the New York based Kay Scholer lawfirm selecting Tallahassee from dozens of cities to open a support or back office in town with 100 high paying jobs.

"We could have our back office operations literally in any city in the United States and really outside the United States," said Kaye Scholer Chief Operating Officer Jeff Hunter.

Other new business leaders talked about the ease of Tallahassee's permitting process.

That revelation was a surprise to economic development leaders.

"Positive permitting process? Sweet Lord I've finally heard it," said Karen Moore of the Economic Development Council.

Attendees could also network and socialize at a reception, check out booths for local businesses and enjoy a beverage at the poolside Water Buffalo party with both family and friends.

The conference wrapped up with an update on several area infrastructure projects.

And attendees heard there are 30 active efforts to bring new businesses to Tallahassee with the potential of 7000 new jobs.

A record 460 people registered for the event, including 110 first timers.

"They had a good balance of free time and opportunities to network with other business owners in Tallahassee and they had really good content," said first timer John Williamson of Honey Lake Plantation.

The Chamber will hold next year's conference at the same venue on Amelia Island.


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