City Looking At Noise Ordinance

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. 6-20-13

The city of Tallahassee wants public input on a possible new noise ordinance.

The city hopes to create 16 special entertainment areas that would allow for louder noise including the campuses of FSU & FAMU, downtown, midtown and Cascades Park.

Commissioner Nancy Miller says the city has been studying noise complaints for two years. The goal is to have an ordinance in place before the opening of Cascades Park.

"The discussions around Cascades Park has definitely sped up the process because we want to have this in place before Cascades Park opens," said commissioner Miller.

Miller said noise in entertainment zones would not be allowed to exceed 70 decibels. But before 10 p.m. that would be set at 85 decibels.

There would be different limits in residential areas. Anyone found breaking the ordinance would get a warning the first time but the second time could lead to a $150 fine.

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