City Manager Calls Special Meeting To Prevent Midway Police Dept From Unionizing

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News Release: Steele Communications

MIDWAY - - On Monday, the City of Midway’s City Manager Dot Johnson called members of the Midway City Council to request a special meeting to discuss the Midway Police Department and its efforts to become unionize. The meeting will be held this evening at Midway’s City Hall at 6:30pm.

Every police officer of the City of Midway’s Police Department is currently a member of the Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc (PBA). The PBA is a politically proactive labor organization that represents law enforcement officers in negotiations for wages, benefits, a multitude of legal matters, and terms of their employment. The organization gives law enforcement officers a voice in the day-to-day affairs of respective agencies as they strive to obtain fair pay, benefits and working conditions.

Representatives from the PBA will be in attendance at this evening’s meeting to ensure that Midway’s law enforcement members’ rights are not violated. The goal of the PBA is to provide law enforcement officers with a strong and effective voice before legislative and local government bodies. The Florida PBA is an organization law enforcement officers can turn to with the size, political strength and financial resources to be “The Voice of Law Enforcement”.

Midway’s law enforcement officers, willingly risk their lives, every day, to protect others. As a result of their efforts, Midway residents live in a better, safer community and the sacrifices and dangers they face every day are often taken for granted.

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