City Seeks Canopy Roads Input

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Press Release: City Of Tallahassee

The City wants to hear from you about protecting one of Tallahassee’s most valued assets: canopy roads. Growth Management is seeking participants for a stakeholders group. Members will provide feedback regarding the protection of trees along canopy roads, as well as the impact of canopy road regulations on nearby homeowners and businesses.

A recent study documented existing conditions along canopy roads and challenges that exist with current ordinances, which sometimes conflict with one another. The study was presented to both the Long Range Planning Target Issue Committee and the Canopy Roads Citizens Committee. Additionally, Growth Management has heard concerns about these conflicts from property owners and tree advocates.

"There is no doubt that our canopy roads are one of our greatest assets, and we will always focus on protecting them," said Karen Jumonville, director of Growth Management. "At the same time, we have some technical requirements in our plans and ordinances that present conflicts for people who live and own property nearby." She cited as examples rules that would prohibit grass from being mowed, trees from being planted or basic outside home improvements from being made.

"We already have an outstanding group that works to protect the canopy through the Canopy Roads Citizens Committee," Jumonville said. "We have also heard from people who live near the canopy and others who want to be a part of the process as well. Our goal is to have a wide range of feedback and involvement to find the best ways to protect our beautiful canopy roads and still allow nearby homeowners and businesses to reasonably manage their properties."

Citizens interested in being a part of the stakeholder group can contact Growth Management at 891-7188. You can also email Please provide contact information, including daytime phone number, and information about your interest in serving on the stakeholders group. Meetings will begin in early 2014.

For more information on the study, please visit You can also view the City's current Canopy Road Ordinances on the site.


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