Civility Week Spreads On Campus

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
September 11, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A Florida State University student promotes positivity with a tune. Students say civility on campus is much needed after a social media incident hit close to home.

"This is just one of those things that is trying to pull us backward and we are just trying to move forward," said Jacques Jean-Pierre, an FSU Student.

This is the fourth year of FSU Civility Week and students look toward the future by demonstrating respect and writing positive comments on a message board.

"We want our campus to be inclusive to be respectful to all opinions and all beliefs and this week allows us focus our attention on civility," said David Peters, the event coordinator.

"Not only respect ourselves, but others and take responsibility for our actions in order to uphold the garnet and gold," said Amy Morales, an FSU Student.

Students can also write words of encouragement to other students and faculty on twitter with hashtag uphold FSU.

"Promote positivity and values of the human spirit, if everyone can connect and see eye-to-eye and get a feel for what our projects about then I think everyone would get along a lot better," said Micah Eaxter, an FSU Student.

Civility Week will end Tuesday with a lecture by former FSU football player and ex-NFL Running Back, Warrick Dunn.


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