"Click It or Ticket" Seatbelt Enforcement Over Memorial Day Weekend

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By: Andy Alcock
May 23, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Carolyn Curry is back in her native Tallahassee after a thirteen hour drive from Maryland.

Traveling with her four and five year old great nieces, she has one simple rule.

"They understand that the car does not move until the seat belts are buckled," said Curry.

Peggy Smith has the same rule with her 16 and 18 year old sons who are now driving themselves.

"We've tried to instill in the boys a real proactive approach to driving and to be very concerned about what's going on around them," said Smith.

If you don't wear a seatbelt, you might get a visit from a law enforcement officer.

The annual "Click it or Ticket" campaign started on Monday and runs through a week from Sunday.

"We're going to have a special attention on making sure everybody's buckling up for their safety and everybody else's," said Captain Nancy Rasmussen of the Florida Highway Patrol.

It used to be you had to do something else wrong in Florida like speeding for a police officer to write you a ticket for not wearing a

But that law changed in 2009.

So now an officer can pull you over for just not wearing one.

"It's just one little click and that could save you from getting pulled over and money out of your pocket," said Captain Rasmussen.

Curry's great nieces know what they must do before the car moves.

"Buckle our seat belt, buckle our seat belt," they said.

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is also increasing awareness.

They're inviting Florida Middle School students to give suggestions for a new seatbelt poster and calendar for next year.

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