Close Call For Local Man When Tree Falls On Car

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Chris Jenkins said he never saw it coming.

"It scared me pretty bad, I didn't know what happened until I looked over and saw what happened."

The 20-year-old was driving along Tram Road between Monroe Street and Capital Circle Northeast Tuesday night. That's when a tree and several power lines slammed directly on top of his truck.

"I slowed down and pulled out of the way of the power lines, because they were down all over the road. Just wanted to get away from the electric lines, so I didn't get electrocuted," Jenkins said.

It was already dangerous enough that a tree and power lines fell on top of his truck, but he believes it was his safety belt that ultimately saved his life.

"I'm glad I was wearing my seat belt, because it helped save my life and I'm glad I wasn't going the opposite direction."

He left the crash with barely a scratch.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office closed the small road off as city utility workers turned off the power to fix the power lines.

The first person Jenkins called after the crash was his father.

"He's probably thankful I'm alive," Jenkins said.

"It's a truck, it can be replaced, I can't be replaced, so he's thankful I'm alright."

When the tree caved in it damaged the entire passenger side of the truck.

Cars were re-routed for hours as the scene was being cleared, but now the road is back open.

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