Gas Tax Is Hot Topic At Leon Commissioners Meeting

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By: Garin Flowers
September 11, 2013

Leon County, FL - Curtis Baynes took advantage of his three minutes allotted to speak at Tuesday's Leon County Commission meeting.

He spoke in favor of a five-cent gas tax the commission added in its 2014 fiscal year budget.

"I think the gas tax is one of the few taxes that we have that actually transfers the costs of a particular infrastructure or program to the users of the infrastructure," Baynes said.

Most commissioners agree and so did Bill Proctor, until recently.

"Since the vote on the original gas tax, my constituents have weighed in and have conveyed their query that they are not for it," he said.

Proctor's support of the five-cent gas tax made it a 6 to 1 vote. Now it's looking like it'll be 5 to 2 come next week.

"Intellectually, I saw what the monies could do to improve, but my constituents say not at this time."

But, the vote in favor of it still has the majority.

"We feel like this is a real fair tax, this is a user tax," said Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley.

"I know that we've got a lot of other activities and long term transportation goals that we're trying to achieve," Baynes added.

Commissioners believe the gas tax, which is split with the city, will raise around four million dollars for the upcoming fiscal year budget.

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