Confusing Florida Stand Your Ground Law

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) -- Opponents of Florida's "stand your ground" self-defense law say the Trayvon Martin shooting is one example of the law's ambiguity and shows the potential for unintended consequences.
Buddy Jacobs, general counsel for the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, told a task force examining the law that it needs to be repealed.
The 2005 law is under nationwide scrutiny following the Feb. 26 shooting in Sanford of the unarmed, 17-year-old Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman. Martin's family and supporters want Zimmerman arrested, but police say they were prevented from doing so because of the law. At least 20 other states have similar stand your ground laws.
The task force includes prosecutors, defense attorneys, police executives and politicians.


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