Cook Medical Center Simulates Tornado Disaster with Real Actors

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By Eames Yates
April 18, 2013

Adel, GA -

A tornado can strike without warning, making it all the more crucial to be ready for the worst. That's what Cook Medical Center had in mind when they took part in a training exercise aimed at preparing staff for hurricane-like conditions.

Tammy Harlow is Cook Medical Center's Chief Nursing Officer. She said "you need to practice this because even though you write plans if you don't practice this you don't know what really works when it's the real incident."

Which is why a lot of make up was used to make this simulation look as legitimate as possible, even though no one was actually hurt.

6 actors from Wiregrass Technical College volunteered to play the victims. With the recent bombings in Boston and the explosion in Waco Texas, Hospital administrators here in Cook County want to be ready regardless of the disaster.

Michael Purvis is Cook Medical Center's CEO. He said "if you're prepared for a hurricane the steps that occur after the disaster are usually the same steps that would occur after any disaster whether that be a bombing, a chemical spill or a mass casualty wreck on the interstate."

The simulation was payed for by a grant from the Georgia Department of Public Health. 6 other counties participated in the disaster drill. Although Cook Medical Center was the only one that used actors to play the victims.


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