County Commissioners Vote 'Yes' To Purchasing Seven New Fire Trucks

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Thomasville, GA-October 9, 2012

Thomas County Commissioners unanimously voted Tuesday morning to purchase the seven new fire trucks, each costing around $250,000.

The Thomas County Emergency Services Commission recommended the investment in order for the County to maintain it's current fire insurance rating.

Three trucks will be purchased within the next few weeks and the other four will be purchased later this year.

Thomas County Fire Chief Chris Jones said, "It's going to standardize our fleet, reduce our repair costs of upwards of $70,000-$80,000 a year in repair costs, and then also allow us to do some long term planning."

That long term planning includes placing the older model fire engines in areas that are currently located more than five miles away from a fire station, which will help stabilize those homeowners' insurance rates.

The County is using funds from their fire tax to pay for the new trucks and will be financing them

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