Crawfordville Highway Expansion Could Threaten Popular Church

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By: Kevin Clark
June 25, 2014 11pm

Crawfordville, FL - Everyone knows the "Big White Church" off Crawfordville Highway, but nobody more than Pastor David Fell.

"That's kind of our special little thing that we can tag and say, yeah we're the big white church in downtown Crawfordville," said Fell.

Fell was one of the attendees at last Tuesday's DOT public meeting for alternatives for Crawfordville Highway. One of these alternatives could be a big disruption for the Crawfordville First Baptist Church.

The option that would affect the church includes 2 one-way streets. According to the current plan for the alternative, the southbound lane would cut right through the church.

Specifically, it would take out much of the church's Christian Life Center, which is where Fell says the church holds many events, including classes for children.

The other alternative being discussed is one four-lane road, which would replace the current highway.

Officials say based on the DOT meeting from last week, the urban one-way option that would affect the church was generally more popular with the public.

This is because the option would give Crawfordville more of a downtown feel and would offer more storefront opportunities for businesses.

If this option is eventually chosen, the DOT says it could make the church or any other affected businesses a fair offer.

Still, this may not matter to members of the church, which is a town fixture and was chartered in 1935.

The alternatives are being discussed once again because they both would widen the road, reduce traffic congestion, and promote a more pedestrian-friendly area.

It's important to remember that nothing is set in stone. We are still in the DOT's re-evaluation phase, which they say lasts from 2013-2015. Plenty of changes can still be made.

Still, the DOT says citizens can submit written comments about the alternatives through email to

All comments must be sent no later than Friday, June 27th to become part of the official meeting document.


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