Crime Rate at 43 Year Low in Florida

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April 24, 2014
Julie Montanaro

Crime in Florida is at a 43 year low according to stats just released by FDLE.

County by county snapshots show the picture is not as clear around here.

Squad car sirens didn't blare as often in 2013 as they did the year before according to the just released Uniform Crime Report.

Crime in Florida dipped another 4.7%

"We were down in every index category, so murders across the state were down, forcible sex offenses were down, aggravated assault, burglary, every category was down," FDLE Spokeswoman Gretl Plesinger said.

Leon County bucked that trend. It was one of just 11 counties in the state to report an increase in crime.

Fewer murders, robberies and burglaries, but more rapes, aggravated assaults and thefts.

The crime rate county-wide went up 1.7%

"Any crime is a crime too many, but we expect and we anticipate seeing fluctuations up and down from year to year, from cycle to cycle,' Leon County Sheriff's Office Spokesman LT James McQuaig said.

Other counties in our area to see a rise in crime, according to the UCR stats:

Hamilton 9.4%
Suwannee 5.9%
Taylor 20.3%

Those seeing a drop in crime according to UCR stats:

Franklin -27.6%
Gadsden -16.2%
Jackson -6.3%
Jefferson -13.7%
Lafayette -42.3%
Liberty -6.7%
Madison -8.1%
Wakulla -18.2

What does that really mean? Does that mean we're really less at risk?

'Absolutely. In 2013, there were 27-thousand fewer crime victims than in 2012. So it's definitely good news for the state of Florida," Plesinger said.

You can see the 2013 Uniform Crime Report - which includes county by county break downs - on FDLE's web site

FDLE posted county and municipal offense data late this afternoon. It shows crimes rates reported by TPD are down and crimes rates reported by LCSO are up dramatically.

We'll be looking into those numbers further in the days ahead.

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