Cross City Residents Rally To Save Ten Commandments Monument

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A monument of the Ten Commandments sitting outside a court house sparks a fiery controversy in Cross City, Florida.
The American Civil Liberties Union is suing Dixie County, Florida to take it down.
But local citizens hold a protest Sunday where they tell Eyewitness News reporter Greg Gullberg that they are fighting to save their religious freedoms and first amendment rights.

The rally rifts with religious and patriotic tones.
Teachers, lawyers, and private citizens of Cross City cry out to keep the monument in place.
Joe Anderson is a former soldier - he put up the monument.

"And I put it here, and I didn't intend to move it. And I ain't intending to move it now, and if it has to go to the Supreme Court, we're going to take it right on," Anderson said before the congregation of hundreds.

The ACLU is demanding it taken down.
Their primary complaint - the words "Love God and keep his commandments."
The ACLU won its first court battle in July, but the ruling is currently under appeal.

Harry Mihet is the lead attorney fighting to save the monument.
"But we all know this is not just about saving a beautiful monument. It's way bigger than that. This is about the very heart and soul of our nation," Mihet said from the podium.

The rally was also a fundraiser.
Donation buckets were passed around collecting funds to support the county in court.
The county is being represented by a Christian-based non-profit public interest law firm called "Liberty Counsel".

The original court order to remove the monument is suspended until the appeals process is closed.

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