Cyclists: We Have Rights Too

Bicyclists continue their mission of fighting for their fair share of the roadway.

Cyclists say they have rights, too.

We've been reporting recently on several stories about bicyclists being hit by cars. Just Tuesday morning, August 9th, police were called to an incident on West Tennessee Street.

Cyclists say it's time that cyclists and drivers start thinking about safety.

Cyclist Courtney Krick says, "We're not really that safe out there."

That's why John and Adam Waldron prefer to keep their two wheels on a bike trail.

Adam says cycling in traffic is extra scary because of what could be going on inside of a car.

He says, "Texting and driving and people changing the radio and stuff like that. Especially on narrow roads, it's tough."

John Waldron says, "Never take anything for granted, even though there's a law that gives you that three-foot protection when you're on the road, you always keep looking out for the other guy."

In Florida and Georgia, a bicycle is legally considered a vehicle, which means cyclists have the same rights to the roadways and must obey the same traffic laws as cars and trucks.

Krick says she's been biking for five years now, but also sees both perspectives. She says, "As a driver, sometimes I come up to cyclists and they just go through the crosswalk at stoplights and it's really important to just wait for that light and stay in your lane."

While most agree that the responsibility of safety lies with cyclists and drivers, many cyclists say they hope laws are improved to better protect cyclists on the road.

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