DOC Hands Out Discount Drug Cards to Ex-Cons

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The Florida Department of Corrections and Recovery Health Network will hand out prescription discount drug cards for newly released inmates and offenders on community supervision.

The card helps them save anywhere from 10% to 75% on their medications.

Latoya Lane with the DOC says, "This is just one piece of the puzzle that inmates face upon release. This will give them the necessary discount so that they are able to purchase their medication and continue their care."

Lane says there are several other initiatives the department is also working on. They include more substance abuse programs for criminals while they are in correctional institutions.

Prescription Discount Drug Cards to be provided for Released Inmates and Offenders No cost cards to help newly released inmates with access to medication

Tallahassee - The Florida Department of Corrections is partnering with Recovery Health Network to offer a new prescription discount drug card for newly released inmates and for offenders on community supervision. The Recovery Health Network Medication Card is meant to provide offenders with discounted prescription drug benefits to help with the burden of skyrocketing prescription drug costs promoting the continuity of care for inmates being released.

“One of our reentry goals is to match inmates and offenders with needed resources,” said Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Edwin Buss. “Putting these prescription cards in the hands of offenders on community supervision and inmates right when they are released will help with the costs of the medications they need.”

Recognizing the importance for an inmate to continue their medication regimen when returning to the community, the Department provides comprehensive release planning.

“Research continues to highlight that filling the prescription and paying for it presents significant barriers to treatment adherence,” said Florida Department of Corrections Director of Reentry Latoya Lane. “Through this partnership, the Department of Corrections will minimize the possibility of interrupted services and support the inmates’ return to the community.”

Recovery Health Network RX Drug Cards offer up to 75% discounts on prescription medications, laboratory tests and imaging services. Cards have been sent to prisons and community corrections offices statewide. Anyone can receive a free card by visiting The Recovery Health Network prescription savings card allows prescription medication users to save money and is recognized by over 54,000 pharmacies nationwide. This program is available to everyone who qualifies, never expires, has unlimited uses, and works for all physician-prescribed medications.

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