District Attorney Closes Bainbridge Internet Cafes for Gambling

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Bainbridge, GA 8-11-11

South Georgia District Attorney Joe Mulholland says he served 'cease and desist' letters to five illegal gambling operations in Bainbridge.

Now, RDF Business Center, Big Dawg Calling Cards, The Network Sports Bar and Grill, Internet Cafe and GP Net Internet Cafe have all closed their doors.

The shops were located off the main drag in town called Shotwell Street.

Investigators say the cafes were set up to look like normal phone card or office supply businesses, but their true function was decidedly different.

Says Mulholland, "You'd get 20 minutes of airtime and that basically meant you would get 20 credits and they'd give you the credits for free, then you could use those credits to gamble online."

Ryan Phillips owns a building next door to one of the former cafe sites.

He says, "[The internet cafe] brought in a lot of not-so-pleasant traffic sometimes, but I'm glad to see that it's been cleaned up."

Mulholland says he's working with other district attorneys in Georgia to get state legislation passed that will make illegal gambling laws more clear.


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