Donate Blood, Win A Brand New Car

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Thomasville,GA- One lucky blood donor could roll away as the owner of a brand new Honda Civic.

It's all part of the Honda for The Holiday's Blood Drive, sponsored by Flowers Automotive Group in Thomasville.

Each week starting July 1st, a finalist's name has been drawn from anyone who has donated blood at a Southeastern Community Blood Center in Thomasville or Tallahassee.

The goal is to give people an incentive to roll up their sleeves.

"During the holidays, they have a drop in donations, and these are some of the times when they need donations the most," said David Flowers, owner of Flowers Automative Group in Thomasville. "From what they tell me, they've met their goals each month and its been a real boom for them as far as keeping donations consistent," he said.

The winner will be announced on December 15th at the Flowers Dealership in Thomasville.

The last finalist will be chosen on December 8th, so there's still time to enter to donate and win!

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