Remembering Vince- Just the Way He Would Have Wanted It

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Vincent Binder's friends and family are celebrating years of great memories he left- to create new dreams for others.

Just in time for what would be the FSU Grad Students 30th birthday, friends created a donation challenge looking for 30 donors for Venice's 30th all going towards a debate scholarship in his name.

Members from the organization 'Binder's Buddies' say they've already surpassed 30 donors but hope more would want to keep Binder's passion alive.

Beth Frady one of Binder's friends says, "He lived for debate. He loved it. He debated us every single day, every single opportunity he had. And anytime he could have helped kids- which is what this does- to do debate. He would have loved the idea."

The FSU Grad-student went missing in April and was later found dead. Three men are accused of kidnapping and killing him.

Binder's birthday is Thanksgiving day, November 25th

Follow the address below to donate to the Vincent J. Binder Urban Debate Scholars Award: