Election Reform Heads to Gov. Scott's Desk

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The last day of the 2013 legislative session began with no guarantee Florida’s Elections would be fixed.

Long lines and six hour waits to vote during the 2012 Presidential Election made Florida a punch line on national comedy shows.

“Florida tonight is too close to call. So where is the good news you say? The election was decided without them.”

State lawmakers got to work immediately, meeting with elections supervisors and visiting voting offices. A fix seemed a foregone conclusion until this week.

It’s a little surprising it has taken this long to pass the election’s bill. It was the first issue taken up by the Florida House on the first day of session. Then last month the Florida Senate passed the elections bill, but before they did they added an amendment that slowed down the legislation.

A group of voting rights activists were leaving nothing to chance. They walked the halls and wore shirts in support of a voting fix.

Angie Nixon / FL New Majority
“We feel that everyone should be heard. A Democracy works best when everyone can participate in it.”

After a quick lunch break, state lawmakers took up the elections bill.

They quickly voted it through and sent it back to the Senate.

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