End of Session Meeting

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By: Matt Galka

Leon County officials met today to sort out some of the legislation decided in this past session.

State Representatives and County Commissioners discussed what helped and what hurt our area.

Before Florida's legislative session began, Leon County Commissioners met to discuss their hopeful priorities, and now that it's all over, they held a dialogue to sort our what happened.

When session ended at the beginning of May, legislation granting state and teacher pay raises were touted as a win by many in Government.

Leon County Commissioner Brian Desloge said that it was a major victory for folks here in Leon County, but he wasn't satisfied with everything.

"The state employee pay raise had what we feel is a 22 million dollar economic impact in our community, which is a big deal for us," Bryan Desloge, Leon County Commissioner, said. "We're looking on the other side of that, the state pension plan did not get moved, but what they are looking at is next session it will come back up again."

Desloge says that he thinks the inability of the legislature to do anything about pension reform could end up hurting the state workers that were benefited by the raises.

Another "win" for Leon County was $200,000 being put into the budget to restore the De Soto Park in Leon County.

Desloge is hoping they can get the park to the point where tourists will visit the place historians say the very first Christmas was celebrated in America.

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