FSU Gets Game Day Ready

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

September 12, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--Last year, people came out to the first home game in record numbers. This year, the prepping started even earlier.

University employees spray fresh paint on the field and rented red seats are taking over the stands, which are already paid for.

"I took off work early and everything, so I'm really looking forward for the first game of the season," said Josh Knutson, an FSU Student.

"A new quarterback and a new kinda season for FSU I imagine there be a lot of new people showing up, probably super crowded," said Jeremiah MacCallister, an FSU Student.

The new season is prompting Florida State University police to put new guidelines in place to make the anticipated event a smooth one.

"We need everybody on board and everybody to fill the stadium for every single game, but what we do as people working the game is to create that great experience, so this is our sporting event as well and we want to exhibit the gold standard," said Jim Russell, from the FSU Police.

Bag size boxes will be located at each entrance of the stadium to make sure your bag is the right size to bring in.

Police advise fans to park at the Civic Center or nearby garages. The Spirit Express shuttle will pick up fans on Saint Augustine street this year and will start the routes two hours before kick off.

"It's going to be absolutely unbelievable everybody doing the chop in unison," said Carter Mack, an FSU Student. "It is going to be an incredible experience, go Noles."

To learn more about game day plans, like parking and stadium rules go to: www.police.fsu.edu

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