FSU Officials Talk Safety in Wake of Vincent Binder Tragedy

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By: Amy Long
Apr 16, 2010 6:17 PM

When students choose to attend a college or university they are choosing their home away from home for the next four or five years.
All too often they do not realize evil has a lot of different faces- and danger maybe traveling through the neighborhood.

Sally Karioth, Ph. D., R.N. a professor at FSU says "This is a reminder and a bad one, that we probably need to be more vigilant. And more careful. And more aware of our surroundings."

FSU Crime Prevention Officer Garrett Williams says when it comes to protecting anyone in the Seminole community, nothing is too minor.
"You don't live in a bubble even though your at a major university. know your surroundings and if you see something out of the ordinary- call police. That's what we're here for 24/7"

Professor Karioth says she's seen terrible situations that have put college students on high alert before- the problem- they return to their bad habits and forget the fear, situations like FSU student, Vincent Binder's abduction have instilled. "When an event like this occurs it reminds us to be careful. To not walk a lone all of the things that we know well. But by human nature we lose that essence of hysteria because our life are asserts itself."

"It is somewhat surprising and difficult to deal with because you feel helpless- you don't know what to do"

The MOST important piece of advice Officer Williams wanted to get across was to call the police station if you thing something seems wrong. While there might be nine officers on duty- there are thousands of eyes and ears that can help prevent dangerous situations.

Learn how to sign up for FSU test alerts and get other safety tips on
FSU Police Departments website.:



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