Locals Learn about Tallahassee's Music and History at the 35th Annual Swamp Stomp

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By: Bailey Myers
July 14th, 2013
Tallahassee, FL: Saturday night the crickets chirped along side musicians as blue grass groups played their favorite tunes at the Tallahassee Museum's 35th Annual Swamp Stomp Music Festival.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Schoolfield explained, "It's something very unique to Tallahassee."
This live family friendly Concert showing off local talent, and it happens once a year right here at the Tallahassee Museum. Those who come to Swamp Stomp believe its worth every penny.
The Schoolfield's said, "Well one thing is, you get to see a lot of music for a very small donation. And you know, every half hour for over a three hour period there is a new group playing."
Around 700 to 1,000 people attend Swamp Stomp every year. That means around ten thousand dollars are collected in donations from this event alone.
CEO and Director of the Tallahassee Museum, Russel Daws said, "Without those contributions what you see today would not nearly be as enriched." Although many came for the music, everyone was able to walk around and see just what the Big Bend Area is made of. Adding local music, Swamp Stomp showed just how much the Tallahassee Museum has to offer.
Daws said, "Well I think it's both a celebration of our heritage our culture our natural environment but its also something that this Tallahassee Town Doesn't often appreciate. We have great musicians here."
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