Family Upset Over Child's Bus Ride

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UPDATE 3-21-14

Florida's Department of Children and Families is investigating this month's incident in Madison County.

School officials tell WCTV that the bus driver and supervisor riding on the bus have been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

DCF officials tell WCTV they expect the investigation to be complete within the next two weeks.

Story by: James Buechele

Madison, Fla.

A harrowing school bus experience for a five-year-old has his family upset and looking for answers.

That five-year-old was dropped off, by himself, more than a half-mile away from his home in the middle of a Madison County highway.

On Monday, Kasey Brown's worst nightmare came true. That afternoon, she had no idea where her son Andy was. Now she's speaking out to make sure this doesn't happen to another parent's child.

Andy Brown goes to Pinetta Elementary in Madison County. He usually takes the bus home and gets dropped off at his driveway on NE Almond Avenue. That didn't happen on Monday.

"At four o'clock I went out to the end of my driveway to meet my son from the bus," said his mother Kasey Brown. "At 4:10 I started to wonder where the bus was."

Andy was wondering the where he was too. He was dropped off more than a half-mile away on Highway 145 by the bus driver and supervisor on board.

For the next hour, Andy began looking for help.

"He wasn't found until five off a major highway and he wasn't actually returned until six o'clock that evening," recalled Kasey.

"If it was me, driving that bus and I put somebody's child out on the highway, I think they should fire me," said Andy's grandmother Mary Brown.

"I feel like they betrayed my trust because they lost my son," said Kasey.

We spoke with the Madison County School district. Superintendent Doug Brown says he is aware of Monday's incident but says the investigation won't be complete until sometime next week.

The Brown family is speaking out in fear this might happen again.

"If anything happens to another child and I said nothing it would be disastrous," said Kasey.

And she says she doesn't plan on trusting the system anytime soon.

"Basically my family would have to be wiped out for him to ride the bus."

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