Family of Boy Molested by Fellow Student Calls for Greater Action by FAMU

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The following is a media release issued by Florida A&M University in December of 2011 following the molestation on the FAMU DRS campus:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida A&M University (FAMU) Public Safety
Department working in conjunction with the Florida Department of Law
Enforcement arrested Ralph Monroe in October 2011 and charged him with
lewd and lascivious molestation and sexual battery on a child under 12
years of age. The alleged incident took place at FAMU Developmental
Research School (FAMU-DRS).

Since the investigation, FAMU DRS further strengthened its measures to
protect the health and safety of all of the students. The
administration has made several changes to the security of FAMU DRS
since the beginning of the school year. They are as follows:

. Secured the external gates during the school day.

. Purchased and implemented a Raptor system to perform background
checks of all visitors and volunteers.

. Changed the drop-off and pick-up patterns for the elementary school
to prohibit anyone from entering the building after the school day.
The administration has redirected siblings and parents to the external
doors so that anyone coming into the building would be visible to the

. Increased supervision of all students after school. The
administration has created additional duty rosters for teachers to
supervise after the school day.

. Increased its supervised after-care programs (that are free of
charge) for both elementary and secondary students. Added two free
programs so that parents who could not afford after-school care would
have something available to them.

. Hired an additional security for after-school hours.

Tallahassee, FL - The family of the young boy molested by a fellow student, says it wants to see more action from Florida A&M University.

In a media conference on Wednesday, the family's attorney Larry White, stated they plan to file suit if their concerns are not addressed soon.

In July, Ralph Monroe II was sentenced to life, plus 40 years, in prison for sexual battery and lewd and lascivious acts on a child.

In 2011, the child who was 8-years-old at the time, said Monroe molested him in the bathroom of FAMU Developmental Research School. Monroe was a senior at the K-12 school at the time.

White says he has contacted all parties necessary to try to resolve their concerns. The family wants security changed at the school's campus, different safety protocols and White said a $1 million settlement has been put on the table.

White does not feel they've received sufficient responses from the university. Under Florida Statute, Florida A&M has six months to attempt to resolve the issue before the notice of claim period ends. Those six months end next week.

White said if he does receive what he feels to be, a sufficient response before next week, he will "take any legal recourse needed."

Florida A&M University has declined our request for an interview at this point.

Chief Communications Officer for FAMU, Sharon Saunders, sent us the following statement, "Due to the fact that litigation is anticipated, we refrain from commenting at this time."

Uzzell Group Release

Tallahassee, FL - October 19, 2012 - Ralph Monroe II, 19 was found guilty on July 24, 2012 of sexual battery and lewd and lascivious acts on a child below the age of twelve and is now serving a mandatory life sentence plus 40 years. The sexual battery incidents occurred on the campus of Florida A&M University Developmental Research School when the eight year-old boy was using the bathroom.

During trips to the bathroom, between February 2011 through May 2011 the child was molested by Monroe, who was a twelfth grade football player at Florida A&M University DRS.

In May of 2011, a teacher noticed the child “tense up” when he saw Monroe peeping through the entrance door leading to the after-school area. Upon questioning of the child and Monroe, the FAMU Police and FDLE conducted an investigation, which led to the filing of charges and the arrest of Ralph Monroe, II.

Monroe was released from jail and he subsequently enrolled at Stillman College in Alabama on a football scholarship. Monroe was arrested again on December 28, 2011 and confined to the Leon County Jail after it was discovered he had committed another sexual molestation upon a child under twelve (12) years of age while he attended FAMU DRS.

The family of the child has sought answers, since May of 2011, to their many questions and sought assurances from FAMU DRS that it was taking preventative measures to make sure this never happens to another unsuspecting, innocent child. The child’s family is not certain of the residual and/or long-term effects this terrible experience will have on him, but are seeking answers and ways to be assured he has the best chance for a full recovery.

After a year of receiving different accounts and unsatisfactory responses, the family sought the services of an attorney to help them get answers.

Attorney Larry K. White has made numerous attempts via written correspondence and verbal communications to get to the bottom of this situation. The officials at FAMU have declined to comment and referred counsel to the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Risk Management.

Even though they have been furnished sufficient information to respond and resolve this matter, it appears that FAMU and the State have no intentions of resolving this matter within the statutory six (6) month notice of claim period.

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