Farmers Markets In Georgia Receive Grants

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A Georgia bank is giving local farmers something to smile about.

Southwest Georgia Farm Credit will give farmers markets a $500 grant to help with promoting their businesses.

Farm Credit calls the program the "Fresh from the Farm" initiative.

They encourage people to eat and buy locally to help stimulate the economy.

Local market owners are benefiting from the grant in more ways than just advertising.

"Not only here locally, but now we're able to expand business. So, we're applying for the grant again this year because of it. We're in hopes of now being to expand it even further," said Marla Ames, owner of Harvest Moon.

This is Farm Credit's second year offering these grants.

Some of the criteria for applying for the grant include being open (at minimum) for twenty days, producing some portion of the products sold, and they must agree to participate in promotional opportunities with Southwest Georgia Farm Credit.


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