Five Arrested in Beating at Madison Waffle House

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Madison County, Florida- August 6, 2012

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that during the early morning hours of Sunday the 5th day of August 2012 at approximately 2:45 AM, Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Art Deno was conducting routine patrol and observe a large crowd gathered at the Waffle House on Bandit Street in Madison Florida. Sgt. Deno approached the crowd to discover a victim, Leroy Hall, had been badly beaten.

Sgt. Deno learned that the black males had approached several black females at the Waffle House and an argument ensued and Leroy Hall attempted to diffuse the situation but the black males jumped him beating him to the ground. At least two of the subjects were armed with the handgun (one silver revolver and one black semi auto) and used the hand guns to strike Hall numerous times about his face and head and further took his wallet from his pants and fled the area.

Witnesses explained that several of the assailants were driving two separate cars described as; a small silver in color car and a car with a white top. Both vehicles left at a high rate of speed traveling on SR 53 North. Sgt. Deno immediately forwarded the vehicle descriptions to other deputies to bolo for the vehicles. Witnesses at the scene provided Sgt. Deno with nine (9) different persons involved in the beating.

Deputy Lauth located the small silver car (2001 silver 4-d Pontiac) and conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Harvey Greene Drive and SR 53. The vehicle was occupied by two black males, John Wayne Cloud, Jr. and Devonne Marquelle Paul that were identified by witnesses at the scene as taking a roll in the beating. Both subjects were taken into custody.

Madison Police Officer Cpl. Rosenburg located the 2nd vehicle (1998 red Lincoln 4-d) and conducted a traffic stop on SR53 South and Rutledge Street. The vehicle was occupied by three (3) black males, Labrentae Sirtez Daniels, William Gerard Hill and Desmond Donore Williams all of which were identified by witnesses at the scene as taking a roll in the beating. All the occupants were taken into custody and Officers located in the glove compartment of the red Lincoln a loaded silver 357 caliber revolver with blood splatter.

The victim was transported by EMS to the Madison County Memorial Hospital for the numerous contusions and lacerations to his facial area, forehead, top and back of skull, neck and knees.

Arrested and Charged:

1. Labrentae Sirtez Daniels, B/M, DOB: 01/10/1990 of Jasper Fl. Charged: Aggravated Battery, Robbery by sudden snatching, Possession firearm by convicted felon, violation probation, attaching tag not assigned.

2. William Gerard Hill, B/M, DOB: 10/18/1992 of White Springs Florida, Charged: Aggravated Battery, Robbery by sudden snatching

3. Desmond Donore Williams , B/M, DOB: 05/21/1988 of Jasper Fl. Charged: Accessory after the fact, Robbery by sudden snatching, Violation of Probation.

4. John Wayne Cloud, Jr., B/M, DOB: 03/11/1989 of Jennings Fl. Charged: Aggravated Battery, Robbery by sudden snatching

5. Devonne Marquelle Paul, B/M, DOB: 12/20/1986 of Lake City Fl. Charged: Aggravated Battery, Robbery by sudden snatching.
Additional arrest pending review of the State Attorney’s Office and submitted probable cause affidavits.

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