Florida Officials Financial Disclosures Available Online

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By Andy Alcock

Tallahassee, FL - Dan Krassner is like a kid in a candy store.

He and his group "Intregity Florida" have been pushing for online disclosure for Florida's public officials.

It's now a reality.

"Financial disclosure is about accountability," said Krassner.

Here's how it works.

You go to the Florida Ethics Commission website.

On the right hand side, click on the red box to get to the financial disclosure forms.

We checked Leon County.

The first completed form we found was for Sheriff Larry Campbell.

It shows the sheriff's net worth at more than $2.3 million.

Scroll down a couple names and you'll fiind Commissioner Brian Desloge's net worth at more than $8 million.

While Commissioner Kristin Dozier's net worth is a negative $20,000 thanks to about $170,000 in unpaid loan balances.

Krassner says where the money comes from or is going is more important than the amounts.

"You want to make sure people are serving the public and not their own private financial interests when they're in office or working in government," he said.

But sometimes it's not easy to follow the money.

Florida Governor Rick Scott lists his net worth at $83.7 million.

His disclosure form shows $73 million of that money is in an unspecified blind trust.

Florida is now the 28th state to post financial disclosure forms on line.

Public officials had until this past Tuesday to turn in the forms to the Ethics Commission.

At last check, about 9,000 out of more than 38,000 forms are still missing.


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