Four Dead After Deadly Crash on I-10

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By: Bailey Myers
June 26th, 2013
Gadsden County Fl: Four people have been confirmed dead tonight after a single vehicle crash on the highway. It's a story we first told you about at 5:30.
Florida Highway Patrol says one lane on I-10 was shut down between Chatahoochee and Greensborough this evening after a car ran off the road. Hours later-- crews are still on the scene.
Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Leslie Herold explained, "First appearances are that the vehicle ran off the roadway for some unknown reason and into the tree line and then erupted into flames."
Only burnt pieces of metal remain of what was this vehicle and its trailer.
Still smoldering, the frame of it is too bent to identify, and the license plate too charred to decode.
"We have no idea where they are from or where they are headed," Herold said just a few hours after the crash.
One thing they do know is-- no one survived, and Herold later said, "At this time we do not know how many folks, but we do know there are multiple fatalities."
Florida Highway Patrol responded to mile marker 170 in Gadsden County on eastbound I-10 just after five p.m. on Wednesday. An officer trying to piece the scene together believes the vehicle ran off the road and in an attempt to avoid hitting the trees directly-- someone turned the wheel.
Herold explained what happened after the crash by saying, "Well there were people who stopped immediately and attempted to render aid but from what we are being told it erupted into flames almost immediately."
The passengers were stuck inside. Several rescue crews responded, but it was too late. At least one lane of eastbound traffic was blocked as police and firefighters tried to piece together how this all happened. The latest update from FHP said their investigation determined four people are dead. The families of those victims have not been notified.


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