14 People Become U.S. Citizens On Independence Day

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July 4, 2014
By: Chris Gros

Tallahassee, FL -Imagine waiting decades to call the country you live in home.

Tom Brown Park's Celebrate America event was the setting for a naturalization ceremony. For 14 people today they're wait to become an American citizen was over.

"Well right now it's not words to explain how happy that I am right now,” said Rosa Melara.

Those who were sworn in originate from a diverse group of countries. China, Nicaragua, Pakistan and even Australia were represented on stage. There was a steady mix of emotions as each person delivered the oath of citizenship.

"I was just a little bit nervous because this is you know changing my life and I’m becoming a part more part of this country and but just mostly excited," said Megan Craig formerly of Australia.

Nerves are to be expected, especially when you're being sworn in in front of over a thousand people.

"This is great, this has been so much better than I ever thought it would be and it's just been a wonderful day, and a wonderful experience," said Craig.

It was a day they will likely never forget.

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