Freedom's Eve Jubilee

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By: Gina Pitisci

January 1st, 1863 - that's the date slavery ended, but it took more than two years for the message to get to Florida.

An event is taking place in Tallahassee tonight to pay homage to the celebration of freedom.

Freedom's Eve Jubilee kicks at Union Bank on Apalachee Parkway in Tallahassee for a week of remembrance.

At the event there is expected to be singing, dancing, fellowship, and, of course, celebration.

The exhibit called, "News of Freedom," portrays the two-year period that southern slaves were made to wait before news of slavery's end.

The exhibit also includes books and newspapers from as far back as 1861 as well as original cast-iron slave chains, civil war muskets, memorabilia from soldiers and recruitment posters, bullets, a canon, replicas of slave furniture and a slave ship.

A special feature to the exhibit is the Harriet Tubman's original pistol and war saber. During the event there will also be a re-enactment of the reading of the emancipation proclamation on the front steps of the Knott House, followed by a picnic at Lewis Park, across the street from the house.

This event is free and is a kickoff for others around the community leading up to the emancipation day celebration taking place on Monday at 11:45 a.m. at the Knott House Museum on Park Avenue.


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