'Fresh From Wakulla' Campaign Launches To Save The Seafood

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By: Mike Springer
June 20, 2013

Wakulla County, FL - Crippled after the BP oil spill, Wakulla's economy and seafood industry are looking to bounce back... And they're hoping to do it through a 'fresh' new campaign.

It's called 'Fresh from Wakulla'. Organizers expect to unveil their new logo and launch their campaign promoting the county's seafood industry tonight.

All of this is being done through a half a million dollar funding grant from BP. The grant money is being used on brochures, promotional videos showing things like how to catch and clean mullet, where to harvest blue crabs as well as what restaurants in Wakulla serve them.

It's all about trying to encourage people to come to the coast to fish and eat at area restaurants. It's especially critical here, since so much of Wakulla's economy depends on just that--the seafood industry and the commerce and tourism that supports it. All of this is being done by Wakulla's tourist development council along with the Florida Department of Aquaculture.

WCTV will bring you more tonight from those here in Wakulla on if they think this campaign will really work.

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